Scribe Services provides Company Secretarial services ranging from advisory to consultative and specialist services covering various aspects of Company Secretarial administration.

With regional affiliations in both Uganda and Tanzania, Scribe Services is in a position to co-ordinate and provide the same quality of service in either or all of these countries should the client so require.

Registration and Incorporation of Companies and other Entities

We have vast experience in setting up new companies, and other entities. Forms of registration include:

Scribe Services then proceeds to act as Secretaries or Authorised Officers to these entities to ensure proper compliance, in accordance with the law.

Statutory Compliance

A Company, and its directors, is obliged by law to maintain accurate and complete statutory records and to ensure that all decisions of the directors and the company's shareholders are correctly recorded. These responsibilities are generally delegated to the company secretary.  Even companies with a dedicated company secretarial resource may not have the time to review the integrity of their statutory records, particularly where business objectives and operational issues take priority over this responsibility.  However, failure to meet these requirements may result in reputational risk, financial penalties or even criminal sanctions imposed on the company or its officers.

At Scribe Services, we monitor and lay down procedures to ensure each client Company's compliance with relevant regulatory and legal requirements.

Company Secretarial services

Immigration Services

We handle immigration matters such as applications for both short and long term permits and passes for clients' expatriate employees.

Trade Licensing Services

Special Company Secretarial Services

Other Corporate Advisory Services

Scribe Services provides other value-added services to our clients, such as:

Investor Guidance Reports and Other Corporate Reports
We prepare detailed investor guidance reports on specific industry regulations and other regulatory requirements for investing in Kenya. We also prepare reports on specific statutory matters to be considered during reorganisation of group companies.

Acquisitions, Disposals & Mergers
Scribe Services participates as a key member of the team established to implement a corporate acquisition, disposal or merger thus ensuring the effectiveness of documentation so as to add value to the evaluation exercise.

Management of Clients' Funds and Payroll Administration
We maintain clients' funds, in escrow, or for settling client's recurrent commitments, including invoices, salaries and other statutory financial obligations. We also manage payrolls for clients' staff, and make deductions for PAYE, NSSF, and NHIF which we remit to the respective authorities.