About Scribe Services

Our Profession

Every company incorporated in Kenya is required, by law, to have a qualified secretary.

The range of services offered by the Company Secretary is wide and duties vary depending on the level and complexity of corporate activities in the company. The common duties performed by the Company Secretary include maintenance of various statutory records and ensuring that the company complies with the law.

Scribe Services provides a wide range of Company Secretarial and corporate services to a diverse clientele.

The responsibility for compliance, with increasing levels of corporate legislation, ultimately rests on Directors and Company Secretaries within any business environment. The Company Secretary has become increasingly specialised having to cope with the demands of an ever-changing business environment. Scribe Services has therefore recognised the need to provide specialised professional Company Secretarial services through its team of skilled staff who understand the legislation requirements of a diverse portfolio of clients.


The origin of Scribe Services can be traced back to pre-independence Kenya.

Until 1956, Angus Lawrie Jeremy & Company provided company secretarial and accounting services to its various clients. In that year, EA Registrars, a company owned by KPMG Kenya,(then known as Peat Marwick Mitchell & Company), was incorporated and took over the business of Angus Lawrie Jeremy & Company.

EA Registrars acted as the Secretaries to various KPMG clients until the enactment of the Certified Public Secretaries Act in 1989, which restricts corporate bodies from acting as Secretaries.

Consequently, Scribe Services, a partnership owned by KPMG, was registered in 1990. Scribe Services then took over as the Company Secretaries to those clients previously serviced by EA Registrars.

In recent times, the role of the Auditor has been put under great scrutiny globally and locally. Situations where the Auditor has traditionally acted, directly or indirectly, as the Company Secretary to its audit clients, are increasingly being challenged and restricted. As a result of this trend, the KPMG Kenya partnership decided to hive off the Company Secretarial practice with effect from 1st September 2005.

Scribe Services remains the "preferred service provider" for corporate services to KPMG Kenya.

Our Team

Scribe Services is a registered partnership whose partners, in accordance with the law, are duly qualified Members of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya (ICPSK).

Our team includes a rich mix of staff with background experience in accountancy, administration, project management, education, law and other fields of study, in addition to the Certified Public Secretaries qualifications.

We also draw on expertise from our related organisations, when necessary.


Sammy Ikingi

Sammy Ikingi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and is a Certified Public Secretary with over ten years post-qualification experience in providing Company Secretarial services to several multinational companies with a presence in Kenya.

Sammy has served on the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya and has a wide experience in procedures relating to company formations, re-organisations, convening and maintaining records of various meetings, maintenance of statutory records, compliance, corporate governance, and dissolution of companies. Sammy has also been involved in joint venture projects, and complex capital restructuring assignments, across diverse sectors.

Wairimu Waiyaki

Wairimu Waiyaki is a Law graduate (UK) and a Chartered Secretary from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators with over (12) twelve years post-qualification experience. Wairimu is also a member of the local Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya and is currently serving on the Institute's Disciplinary Committee. Wairimu has been providing Corporate Services to major international companies with subsidiaries or branches registered in Kenya.

Wairimu has considerable experience in the procedures related to the formation and registration of companies and other legal entities, the maintenance of statutory records, the management of documents, and the dissolution of companies, and is also well versed in corporate governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matters. Wairimu has acted as Secretary to Boards of joint ventures in various industries and as Secretary to committees of large projects of national importance.